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Certain colours and colour palettes seem to suit certain building types and even particular locations. Properties are often characterised by their strong architectural and/or historical style and choosing the ‘right’ colour for any property can be made easier if you take into account either or both of these factors.

Ranging from progressive to conservative, there are thought to be seven different architectural style groups and an awareness of these different groups can help guide you to make a sound colour choice which is just right for your property.

Crown Trade’s Historic Collection draws from architectural styles and movements from the late 16th to the mid-20th century. Throughout history, the development of colour for decoration has depended not only on prevailing taste but also on the pigments available. Each of the six colour palettes is distinct in style and colour and reflects the architecture and design trends for the period.

The palettes serve as guides: they are not intended to be seen as rigid rules. They contain ranges of colours which associate well with different building styles, but obviously, the borderlines are not hard or fast.

Colour Service

Colour Service