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Sustainable Smart Maintenance

How we deliver Sustainable Smart Maintenance?

Our team of expert specification consultants is on hand to assist you in selecting the very best combination of products and systems to ensure long-lasting protection. They are well equipped to provide you with a decorative maintenance regime, if necessary on a site-specific basis, which will take account of all factors that affect the building. These typically include:

  • Design and detail (for example, open joints, sharp edges, etc.)
  • Analysis of substrates, their type and condition
  • Condition of any existing coatings
  • Assessment of exposure to prevailing meteorological and environmental conditions
  • Functional differentiation (for example, between high usage aesthetic and low usage non-aesthetic zones)
  • Health and safety considerations (for example fire risk analysis)
  • Specification of colour schemes to create inclusive environments

Balance is vital in everything we do- and now it’s more important than ever to get that balance right.

Earthbalance® is Crown Paints’ commitment to be more sustainable, less wasteful and to help our customers make responsible decisions about our world.

Rather than producing one-off, niche, “sustainable” products, we prefer to take a more holistic view of our activities. We are the only manufacturer in our industry sector to have measured the carbon footprint of every product we make, meaning that we can continue to achieve measurable improvements across our whole product portfolio.

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