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Fire Protection

Crown Trade Timonox has a long, well established history of providing a first line of defence against the spread of flames, and so offers a comprehensive solution to the perceived ‘Duty of Care’ for building owners, facility managers or employers to protect the occupants of their properties.

Currently, fire legislation is in place which affects both new and existing buildings.

Scottish Government Firelaw
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

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There are two areas of fire protection:


Surface spread of flames, which is defined by class rating. Class 0 is normally applicable to circulation and escape routes. Class 1 can be applicable to some larger rooms within buildings. Crown Trade Timonox can help achieve these ratings.


Fire resistance, relating to structural integrity or fire barriers, which is defined by specific time ratings. Crown Trade Timonox products do not impact any form of fire resistance


Crown Trade Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings offer a total flame retardant solution which can slow down the spread of flames on walls and ceilings, buy precious time for evacuation, protect buildings and help save lives.

Timonox products are suitable for interior use on walls and ceilings ONLY and will NOT impart any form of fire resistance (i.e they will not insulate and protect building elements for a set period of time).

If there is any doubt regarding the required rating then a suitable fire safety professional should be consulted.

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1 coat of Crown Trade Timonox Upgrade Basecoat, followed by 2 coats of a Timonox Emulsion topcoat, are all it takes to offer protection against this rapid spread of flames. Providing the existing coatings are sound this simple system can restore a surface to the Class 0 rating required by legislation and can help by slowing down and limiting the spread of flames throughout a building, giving invaluable time for occupants to get to a place of safety.

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