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Distribution / Transport

We undertake a variety of initiatives to ensure our Distribution and Transport is as effective as possible. These include:-

  • Optimised delivery routes
  • Double Deck trailers
  • Back-hauling waste materials
  • Telematics and driver tracking
  • Lower impact paint delivery option

Distribution Innovation

We found that due to the profile of our customer orders, sometimes we were not utilising the space in our single deck vehicles to its full potential and stacking pallets was not always achievable due to the high risk of damaging customer’s orders. To overcome this, our Distribution team along with our Distribution partners CEVA, came up with a novel and innovative idea. They designed a ‘pallet stacker’ frame which sits over the bottom pallet, allowing a second pallet to be stacked on top without damaging the goods underneath. This maximises vehicle space, allowing us to utilise the fleet more efficiently and reducing the need for subcontract or additional vehicles.