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Product Stewardship

Our Research and Development teams look at providing more sustainable solutions especially with our wide product offering.

We are extremely proactive in not only meeting legislative requirements but also exceeding them.

We actively participate in policy via federations such as the British Coatings Federation and CEPE at a European level.

Here at Crown we have developed an Earthbalance programme that is designed to help us and our customers minimize their environmental impact.

We set our sights high however and rather than creating niche, one-off products we have taken a more holistic approach that has resulted in four of our key products gaining verified Environmental Product Development (EPD)* certification.

This means that you can now confidently specify the high performing Fastflow Undercoat and Gloss; Matt Vinyl Emulsion and scrubbable Clean Extreme in projects where environmental considerations are key.

Hull High Speed Filling Line

As a leader in the U.K. decorative coatings market, it is essential that we seek to continuously improve our manufacturing and operational efficiencies.

As part of our new Manufacturing Strategy, 2013 saw Crown Paints purchase and implement a state of the art High Speed Filling Line into the Water Based Production facility at our Hull Site.

  • The filling line is dedicated to filling 7.5, 10, 12 and 15ltr pack sizes
  • The new line will increase our filling rates by up to 75%
  • The new line will provide us with a 50% reduction in the amount of water used to clean the paint delivery pipework, a 25% reduction in compressed air usage and a 25% reduction in electrical power used

*EPDs are full lifecycle assessments of the environmental impacts of products from raw materials through manufacturing to use and end of life, conducted via EN 15804 approved methodology and independently verified. They are also aligned with BREEAM; LEED and the SKA-rating scheme.